Purse found

I want to thank the lady who found my purse in the BRL parking lot. May the good Lord bless her always with health and happiness.


Are you serious, commissioners? A four-wheeler park with all the trouble we have already in this county.

Route 901

I'd like to know what is going on with the local cops. All summer, they didn't do anything on Route 901 when Knoebels was open. Route 901 was like a race track with all these people from out of town. Now, Route 901 is plastered with cops so they can bust people going and coming to work in our area. They should patrol in the summer when there are more people from outside the area.

Different tax

We need to tell Rep. Masser that we don't need a tax on homeowners' insurance. We need a penalty tax on people who own homes and do not have homeowners' insurance.

No blight tax

Blight is also caused by the labor and industry charges. In years past, family and friends would update and remodel homes on the outside, and it worked well. Today, labor charges are ridiculous, forcing people not to remodel.

No justice

I am really disgusted with our legal system. That teacher raped a teenage girl. She killed herself, and he spent 30 days in jail. You know what? He was tried, convicted, sentenced and served his sentence. They can't prosecute him again for it.

Change of name

How true: "Once the Affordable Care Act is working, Republicans won't call it Obamacare" - as per President Obama's recent comments.

Fair week

Only one more day of the Bloomsburg Fair. As a newspaper carrier, though, I am kind of disappointed. I ordered extra rain bags because it always rains during fair week. Guess what? This week it didn't.

Not paying

I am a responsible homeowner, and I agree with those other callers. I am not paying one penny toward these people who don't pay for their homes, and then the city has to raze the homes. If you don't want to take care of a home, live in an apartment. Or better yet, move out of town.