Even though slot machine revenue in Pennsylvania has been flat or falling for several years now, many state lawmakers continue to see gambling as the answer to every problem except gambling. Casinos themselves have been begging the state's gambling-happy (read more)
Gov. Tom Wolf made a noble effort early this year at embarrassing state lawmakers into finally outlawing "gifts" to state-level public officials. But when the governor imposed such a ban on executive branch employees, legislators took it as a sign that t (read more)
A cruel irony of the information age is that technology enabling instantaneous global communications has prompted many repressive governments around the world to clamp down even harder on the press. May 3 was World Press Freedom Day, but it's clear that (read more)
To the Editor: In this seemingly chaotic era in which we now live, there appears to be a never-ending litany of incidents in which our young people have cast aspersions upon themselves through bad decisions they have made, and conduct in which they have (read more)