- The Red Cross announced it was obtaining 1,500 bags of flour for the needy under a federal farm board distribution program. - Families were being vacated in the area near the Excelsior and Enterprise stripping operations as mining was expanded. - North (read more)
There's a controversial new ad airing for a Montana Republican congressional candidate that features him shooting a drone out of the sky. "I'm Matt Rosendale, and this is how I look from a government drone," he says as the ad shows a drone's aerial view (read more)
The New York Times has done what the Tallahassee police failed to do in 2012 - thoroughly investigate a sexual assault allegation against Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston. According to the Times inquiry, police conducted a cursory inve (read more)
The News-Item's cheers and jeers for the past week of news: - Cheers to the effort put forth by the Mount Carmel Township police department to have patrolman David Stamets Jr. become a drug recognition expert (DRE). There are only 129 DREs in the state, (read more)