If you haven't taken up residence in a coal mine, you are probably well acquainted with the news reports of Jonathan Gruber discussing how the American people are "stupid." It only took the national media 13 months after Gruber made the comment to discov (read more)
For the first time since high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as non-conventional fracking, was developed, more Americans oppose it than support it. According to a national survey conducted by the independent non-partisan Pew Resea (read more)
Pope Francis' decision to visit Philadelpihia next year for the World Meeting of Families portends joy and controversy. Many Americans inevitably will anticipate the visit in the context of American political issues rather than in the context of Francis' (read more)
Elections always leave some unfinished business. Tom Wolf's historic win over incumbent Tom Corbett is no exception. Why Wolf won has been discussed widely and fully analyzed. The remaining unfinished business is assessing what his victory means for Penn (read more)
Pennsylvania regulators long ago abandoned any pretense that they seriously consider the adverse effects of gambling while relentlessly expanding the industry's reach. Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board went so far as to use a likely increase (read more)
I'm not one to take a stand, but if and supposing I was, I'd want to be plopped down on the side of those folks who want to rush the season. You can never get too much Christmas. I know people get their shorts in a kink if someone utters the words, "Merr (read more)
Gov.-elect Tom Wolf has channeled the administration of the late Gov. Robert P. Casey in one important respect: a policy forbidding anyone in the administration from accepting any gift, in any amount, from anyone who has any business with the state gover (read more)
"When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup." - Sam Lefkowitz - Later this week we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, of course. For many, a day of sharing food and time with family and friends. Well, at (read more)
100 years ago - 1914 Grammar School No. 1 students on Saturday conducted a cake and candy sale, and when their day's work was done they discovered that they had $81 registered as sales money for the few hours they were at it. The scholars deserve great c (read more)