A collective swallowing of pride will be needed if Shamokin officials take the advice to file for Act 47 designation. A vote to become the state's 21st "financially distressed" municipality is expected April 28. Troubling as it is, the city has few if an (read more)
- A serious case of unrest was reported at a mine near Bear Valley No. 2. The coal company had brought in power equipment to strip-mine the site, and some 500 to 700 independent miners were furious at the decision. There were open threats to blow up the (read more)
Economic development is typically No. 1 on the wish list for communities, such as those in the lower anthracite region, that continue to struggle from the loss of industry. Job creation, indeed, holds the key to a better future. But the betterment of a c (read more)
As I was saying just the other day, Easter Sunday isn't what it used to be. Wait, back up there. In many important ways, Easter is just as awesome as ever. First of all, and certainly most importantly, there is nothing deficient in the billowing choruses (read more)
Gov. Tom Corbett helped balance his proposed budget for the 2015 fiscal year by lifting a moratorium on new gas drilling under state forests and other public lands. According to the budget, leases and royalties will produce $75 million for the state trea (read more)