The fiscal year is a month old and Pennsylvania's government does not have a state budget. It does, however, have a report from Moody's Investor Services downgrading the debt of eight Pennsylvania school districts to junk or near-junk levels. Another eig (read more)
The Founding Fathers, who gathered in Philadelphia 237 years ago to devise a system of governance for the new republic, regularly warned of the negative influence of "factions" - organized political parties - on representative democracy. They likely woul (read more)
A series of state hearings, the latest in Scranton on Wednesday, have demonstrated not only the growing impact of the opioid drug addiction epidemic, but a growing understanding that it is a public health emergency rather than a law enforcement matter al (read more)
Presidential politics has never been a genteel adventure - at least not since the days when George Washington won in the Electoral College without opposition. True, in local politics, people win without opposition all the time. That's not because they ar (read more)
100 years ago - 1915 From residents of Palo Alto comes the report that auto drivers travel at too fast a clip between the big bridge and the white rock on the way to Tumbling Run. One of the women residents of that section was so badly scared that she wa (read more)
Photo: N/A, License: N/A Looking over some news items on the Internet a week or so ago, I noticed that the A&P company is filing for bankruptcy (the second time in five years) that will include the closing/selling of stores. People who grew up in our area remember the A&P superm (read more)