With one eye on flood recovery and the other on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, we have a welcome distraction this weekend with the opening of the National Football League season.

For many, there will be no time or desire for the NFL. It was like that 10 years ago, too, for sports and many other suddenly routine parts of life when the terrorists struck. That's understandable.

But others could use a little fun at this time. Besides, there's something new to cheer about on Sundays.

Southern Columbia graduate Henry Hynoski officially begins his time as a professional football player when his team, the New York Giants, visits Washington for a NFC East battle with the Redskins Sunday afternoon. What a proud moment for Henry and his family, for his Southern Columbia and University of Pittsburgh families, and for everyone who knows from whence "Hyno" came.

The odds of high school football players making the professional ranks are great, but those with enough talent, skill, perseverance and dedication can make it. Henry Hynoski is one of those people.

Of course, there is a problem, at least for local Philadelphia Eagles fans. Hynoski is playing for the rival Giants. The ensuing emotional battle will pit love of team against hometown support for the local guy. No doubt many will opt for this compromise: a wish for personal success for Hynoski, but team success for the Eagles, but don't be surprised to see many more Giants jerseys in the coal region.

Of course, as natural disasters and terror attacks remind us, football is just a game. At times like this, it's best to keep it simple: Good luck, "Hyno."