- The new Shamokin-Mount Carmel road was dedicated at Maysville Park. State Secretary of Highways Warren Van Dyke, was on hand for the ceremony, and he made a lot of people happy by announcing that the state was planning to construct a road to carry the (read more)
Texas Gov. Rick Perry didn't earn any medals for meritorious conduct when he threatened to defund the Travis County district attorney's public integrity unit unless the Democratic district attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg, resigned. Perry, using his line-item (read more)
Teachers should not have a right to strike. This bold proclamation is not uttered out of disrespect for teachers nor is it a dismissal of their right, as valued human beings, to argue for more compensation for the work they perform. The reason teachers s (read more)
As a prison, SCI-Coal Township doesn't often produce positive news. Though only a medium-security facility, it holds convicted criminals up to and including murderers. The only distinction between it and a "maximum security" prison is that death row inma (read more)
Penn State alumni have spoken emphatically about their dissatisfaction with the board of trustees' ham-handed reaction to the Jerry Sandusky scandal. All nine alumni-elected trustees who were on the board when the scandal broke in 2011 have been voted ou (read more)

Letters to the editor
To the editor: Upon attending the Re-Creation concert on Sunday at Grace Lutheran Church in Mount Carmel, I feel compelled to comment on the performance. These young adults presented an amazing performance. All were impeccably dressed, with the men in su (read more)
Northumberland County Commissioner Richard Shoch issued this public statement at Tuesday's prison board meeting regarding firing of the warden. Below is a second letter from Shoch, that of his resignation as prison board vice chairman, also read Tuesday. (read more)
I am hereby resigning as the vice chair of the Northumberland County Board of Prison Inspectors, commonly known as the "prison board." While I will continue to be a member of this board, and I will continue to work independently with the many volunteer g (read more)
To the editor: Aug. 16 is a significant date in American culture. It marks the passing of Babe Ruth (1948) and Elvis Presley (1977) and, locally, the closing of Harry's Restaurant. Like many local residents, it will be a while before the finality becomes (read more)
To the editor: I am writing this letter to voice my concern about the Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau upset sale. I noticed in the advertisement for the sale one name in particular: Apartments and Acquisitions LP. I have no idea who they are or wh (read more)

Sound Off
Baseball birther Somebody better check the birth certificate from the Illinois team, because they came from the same place as Obama. Lawless land Did everybody see the news last night? A group of thugs in Ferguson, Mo., pulled out guns and shot their way (read more)

Time Machine
- Even though the Vietnam War was in full swing and American casualties were high, President Richard Nixon was riding high in the polls. Nixon's vice president, Spiro Agnew, was attacking not only Democrats as he marched in and out of Republican rallies (read more)
- President Calvin Coolidge, nicknamed "Silent Cal," was campaigning for reelection from his home state of Vermont, and his speech would be just as Republican today as it was then: he said the nation had to save money, but also reduce taxes, and that he (read more)