- The war in Europe raged on, with Adolf Hitler's forces at Moscow's door - a goal the Nazis would never reach. And with every sign pointing to the U.S. getting into the conflict, the Nazis torpedoed a U.S. tanker in the North Atlantic. It was apparent t (read more)
Labor Day gives many workers scant reason to celebrate. At least they can be thankful to be employed. For thousands more across the region, today is no holiday. Northumberland County's unemployment rate has risen slightly over the summer to 6.3 percent i (read more)
Shamokin Area School Board members in support of a random drug testing policy are hopeful they'll have the community's support should the policy be approved at a special meeting Wednesday. That's hard to know in advance, of course. And certainly there wi (read more)
During World War II, the battle for Okinawa was the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific. The campaign lasted 82 days. We have maintained a large military presence on the island ever since. More than half a century later, the same can be said for Ge (read more)
It's Labor Day weekend, most schools have been in session about a week, and the disgruntled voices of a minority drone on. Their screeching refrain, often in letters to the editor and talk show call-ins, is familiar: - Teachers only work half a year. - T (read more)

Letters to the editor
Dear Editor: What is it going to take to get our history out of the basement of Northumberland County Courthouse? It has been months and what has been done? Only more water with sewage. We were asked by Commissioner Rick Shoch in the beginning of May to (read more)
My mom was born in 1929, my dad in 1937. Despite the eight-year age difference, they shared a common generational characteristic: they were raised during hard times. My mom was born almost exactly one month before Black Monday - the start of the Great D (read more)
To the editor: Upon attending the Re-Creation concert on Sunday at Grace Lutheran Church in Mount Carmel, I feel compelled to comment on the performance. These young adults presented an amazing performance. All were impeccably dressed, with the men in su (read more)
Northumberland County Commissioner Richard Shoch issued this public statement at Tuesday's prison board meeting regarding firing of the warden. Below is a second letter from Shoch, that of his resignation as prison board vice chairman, also read Tuesday. (read more)
I am hereby resigning as the vice chair of the Northumberland County Board of Prison Inspectors, commonly known as the "prison board." While I will continue to be a member of this board, and I will continue to work independently with the many volunteer g (read more)

Sound Off
Patchy road Frog, the road crews just left on West Pine Street in Coal Township. They informed the neighbors that patching and sealing of the 1400, 1500 and 1600 blocks of Pine Street is all we are getting. The streets above and below were completely pav (read more)

Time Machine
- More than 1,000 people attended a convention of the National Council of Catholic Women at St. Edward's Church in Shamokin. Harrisburg Diocese Bishop George Leech, just back from a trip to Vatican City, conducted a Mass with assistance from 20 guest pri (read more)
- Even though the Vietnam War was in full swing and American casualties were high, President Richard Nixon was riding high in the polls. Nixon's vice president, Spiro Agnew, was attacking not only Democrats as he marched in and out of Republican rallies (read more)