Jersey tomato. Cuban cigar. Kentucky bourbon. Philadelphia lawyer. Minnesota nice. New Orleans jazz. Hollywood actor. Bucks County artist. Sometimes people or products are associated with geographical reference as a connotation of excellence. And in the (read more)
In fairness to Pennsylvania's legislature, most members had not yet been elected in 2001 and, therefore, did not participate in building the pension time bomb that since has exploded in the wallets of state taxpayers. Sen. John Gordner, while he was serv (read more)
- The Red Cross announced it was obtaining 1,500 bags of flour for the needy under a federal farm board distribution program. - Families were being vacated in the area near the Excelsior and Enterprise stripping operations as mining was expanded. - North (read more)
There's a controversial new ad airing for a Montana Republican congressional candidate that features him shooting a drone out of the sky. "I'm Matt Rosendale, and this is how I look from a government drone," he says as the ad shows a drone's aerial view (read more)
The New York Times has done what the Tallahassee police failed to do in 2012 - thoroughly investigate a sexual assault allegation against Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston. According to the Times inquiry, police conducted a cursory inve (read more)

Letters to the editor
To the editor: Last week was National Volunteer Week. In recognition, we would like to publicly recognize and thank our volunteers for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of our patients, their families, and visitors. We are fortunate to have a vibrant (read more)
To the editor: Following the operation of the Shamokin Area School District (SASD) cafeteria, I find the board treasurer's report showing food service fund expenditures over revenue at $74,482. Last year at this time, that figure was $82,000. You may be (read more)
To the editor: At Tuesday's Kulpmont Borough meeting, council once again utilized the carnival type shell game to keep citizens guessing about the progress on the proposed new borough complex. Truth be told, there were no facts. None. With the absence o (read more)
To the editor: Labor unions are certainly aware of one fact. When employees are dissatisfied, discontent and disgruntled, if they believe the employer simply "screwed up", the door is open for unions to organize. A labor union organizer has no chance to (read more)
To the editor: In celebration of National Doctors' Day, March 30, we would like to publicly recognize and thank all local physicians for their skill and compassion in caring for the medical needs of individuals and families in the region. The physicians (read more)

Sound Off
School days If pay-to-play is an excellent idea, then why does our school board build new gyms and have soccer fields and a football stadium? Sports are a part of school activities. Yes, taxpayers pay for all this. Why pay more to play? Stand up, shout (read more)