Benefit events are common, but one local fundraiser that has quietly become an outstanding success for all the right reasons takes place again today at the Mount Carmel Area High School gym. The ThinkBIG Dance Marathon begins with an opening ceremony at (read more)
The Northumberland County Council for the Arts and Humanities (NCCAH) has bestowed many "gifts" on the greater Shamokin community over the past 15 years. It has made Shamokin a destination on Memorial Day weekend for the Anthracite Heritage Festival of t (read more)
Sometimes I want to vote for people for re-election and do. Other times, I want to vote for someone for re-election because he's such a nice guy, but then a little voice in the back of my head says, "Don't do it. If he had one more brain, it would be lon (read more)
The idea of creating a unique tourist attraction out of the "Whaleback" has been kicked around for years. It never went beyond the idea stage, though, and for many reasons: Access, liability, infrastructure and, of course, money. All that has changed - (read more)

Letters to the editor
To the editor: We learned in school a long time ago that no companies were allowed to monopolize. It was strictly against the law. Oh, how things have changed. Politicians look the other way today, so people are going to have to stand together to make th (read more)
To the editor: Kulpmont council members, please seriously consider the facts that have been presented to you. The petitions that were signed are real and you had a chance to read them and sign them, but you ignored and never approached me to even look (read more)
Following is the letter sent Friday by Kulpmont Borough Council to the U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding the borough building project. Dear Mr. Ward: This is in response to your letter of Aug. 29, 2014, In order to ensure the safety, effectivenes (read more)
To the editor: October is National Long-Term care residents rights month, a time to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices many long-term care (LTC) residents have made to better our community and to call attention to the rights of resident in all (read more)
To the editor: If the polls can be believed, Tom Wolf will be our next governor. If so, there may be some interesting prospects ahead for this area. On Wolf's website, one of his initiatives in particular, support for renewable energy, stands out as havi (read more)

Sound Off
No parking needed It's great to see the ATV park making money. I am sure they are, but having authority members lament the lack of Shamokin parking space as a reason those patrons drive though town is a joke. Let's review: $38,000 pickup trucks, $4,000 t (read more)

Time Machine
- It was rainy with heavy fog, which was apparently a major factor in a terrible tragedy in Milton. There, a car in which four young men - two brothers, a cousin and a brother-in- law - were riding, was crossing the Pennsylvania tracks at Broadway when t (read more)
- The state Legislature approved a raise for county officeholders. The approval meant Northumber-land County commissioners would receive a salary of $10,600 a year, up $2,500 from the year before. The move wasn't popular with everyone. Some critics point (read more)