The aggressive effort by Northumber-land County's Cost Collections Task Force was bound to stir controversy. Of particular issue is the plan this Wednesday to plaster on two billboards the names and faces of five of those who have stiffed crime victims f (read more)
It's been a long 40 years. Not since 1976 has Pennsylvania really mattered in a presidential primary for either major party. This irrelevance has not been caused by competing presidential candidates simply snubbing state voters, nor by a decline in the (read more)
The News-Item's cheers and jeers for the past week of news: - Cheers to the fathers, brothers and other males who walked "A Mile In Her Shoes" Saturday at Town Park in Mount Carmel to support a Girl Scout fundraiser. Not only did they humiliate themselve (read more)
The brutal murder of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., on June 17 was an act of "racial terrorism" - to quote NAACP President Cornell Williams Brooks. It was also a chilling assault on fundamental freedoms (read more)
Justice is served in peculiar ways at times. Two weeks ago, after a five-day trial detailing what no one disputed was rampant online porn-viewing in none other than the Northumberland County Sheriff's Department, the only "punishment" to be meted out was (read more)

Letters to the editor
To the editor: The recent shooting in a South Carolina church has re-ignited the debate concerning gun control. Sadly, the larger issue of our liberties weighing against our securities will likely be missed in this discussion. As Americans, we enjoy righ (read more)
To the editor: There he goes again - Charles Picarella Jr., the "whining Inmate," this time spewing his hogwash about unfair sentencing guidelines from inside the State Correctional Institution at Bellefonte, trying to sound like a constitutional intelle (read more)
To the editor: According to the federal government, more than one in four nursing homes are so substandard that they actually threaten their patients' health. Our patient experience proved that nursing homes are far from a home. I cared for my mom for 1 (read more)
To the editor: After two years of pleading with council to pause, discuss, stop spending and have citizen input to the now infamous "duck pond" project, our council heeded none of our requests and instead continued, financially blind, into the $200,000 p (read more)
To the editor: In regards to proper court access rights, physical access by an inmate to a law library is required. Segregated inmates may be excluded from physical access on security grounds. If, in fact, we are classified as such an inmate, however, ou (read more)

Sound Off
Confused After the Supreme Court's decision, I think there are going to be a lot of people questioning their sexual orientation. Stars and bars I guess the three "Shamokin natives" arrested for synthetic drugs will claim they were falsely arrested becau (read more)

Time Machine
-Topic "A" for the day was a mysterious shooting. Joseph Wynn had been shot in his Fifth Ward home. Wynn was taken to Shamokin State Hospital, but he died there without saying a word about who shot him. Police theorized the slaying might go unsolved sinc (read more)
- The main topic of conversation was the iron nerve of local pilot Albert Carl. Airplanes were still an object of wonderment in the late 1920s, and Carl was flying an exhibition between the Minersville and Pottsville areas. It had been well promoted and (read more)