To the editor: I want to clarify the basis of what and why the Memorial Day Parade was brought up at the council meeting. After the council meeting on Monday, I was asked about the parade. I didn't know it was cancelled until News-Item reporter Sarah DeS (read more)
Each Memorial Day is a reminder of the cost of war, as the nation honors more than 1.3 million Americans who have died in service to their country. There is a particular poignancy to the observance this year, the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil (read more)
There was a time when a wallet, billfold, purse and assorted money clips were used primarily for carrying cash. Today, they carry a laundry list of plastic cards, and money clips have gone the way of the rotary phone. Cash itself hasn't been cashed out (read more)
Vera Scroggins, of Susquehanna County, was found to be in contempt of court last month and fined $1,000. Her offense? She tells the truth. Truth is something that apparently has bypassed the court of Judge Kenneth W. Seamans, who retired at the end of 20 (read more)
Don't blame PennDOT And, most certainly, don't blame the veterans. If anyone is to blame for the unfortunate, much-ado-about-nothing dustup over the requirement for a special event permit for Mount Carmel's annual Memorial Day parade, it's the person, wh (read more)

Letters to the editor
To the editor: Our week was busy and by Thursday evening we were all tired. But since our troop is small, I take my three Cub Scouts to their weekly meeting regardless. This week they met to place flags on veterans' graves in anticipation of Memorial Day (read more)
To the editor: We are all proud to be Americans. We wear our military medals and decorations and we are all in agreement - those who gave the supreme sacrifice are the real heroes. I'd like everyone to think about giving these brave men and women the res (read more)
To The editor: Those of you who know me will agree that I am seldom at a loss for words. I have strong opinions on most issues and have no qualms about expressing them. However, recent events in Baltimore, and the resulting war on our police, had left me (read more)
To the editor: Pennsylvania's state prison correctional officers are disappointed with the passage of Senate Bill 1, which has been labeled so-called "pension reform." Corrections officers work one of the most dangerous and stressful jobs in the commonwe (read more)
To the editor: On behalf of rank-and-file troopers across Pennsylvania, the PSTA is disappointed with the decision not to exempt troopers from SB1. Troopers are the only employee group in the state that has a mandatory retirement age of 60, are excluded (read more)

Sound Off
No votes for Casey On Aug. 18, 2014, I wrote a letter to Sen. Robert "Bob" Casey asking him to introduce a legislative bill into Congress requesting Medicare cover hearing aids. Many senior citizens are in need of hearing aids and simply cannot afford t (read more)

Time Machine
- The Attorney General of Pennsylvania, William Schnader, a Republican candidate for governor and a Shamokin native, was among 653 persons in attendance at the Shamokin High School Alumni Association get-together. Attendance was second best in event hist (read more)
- Seven hundred coal miners were out on what was termed a "button strike." The walkout was called to allow union officials to see who was or was not wearing a union button. The two affected collieries were Burnside and Franklin. - On the national scene, (read more)