All of the unofficial results from Northumberland County are in.

Mitt Romney leads the presidential election with 18,516 votes. President Barack Obama has 12,392.

Fifty-five percent of the state's votes have gone to Obama as of 10:25 p.m.

David Freed has 15,351 and Kathleen Kane has 14,563 votes in the race for attorney general.

John Mayer has 16,863 and Eugene Depasquale has 10,835 in the race for auditor general.

Diana Irey VVaughn took the state treasurer race with 16,211 votes over Robert McCord, who has 12,125 votes.

In the 11th District, Lou Barletta won over Gene Stilp, 12,578 to 7,975.

In the 10th District, Tom Marino leads Philip Scollo with 7,146 votes. Scollo has 2,901.

Kurt Masser has 7,900 votes over Ted Yeager, who has 6,141, in the race for 107th Legislative District.

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