It was midday in the church on Easter Monday. A woman who had seen a few more than 60 Easters quietly entered.

The altar was redolent with the sweet smells of hyacinth and lilies among the tulips in the floral drifts that adorned the altar in commemoration of the Risen Christ.

The woman slowly climbed the three steps to the side altar and went to the corner where the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is displayed. She bent over to kiss His feet in reverence and then tenderly reached up to touch the Sacred Heart as she silently prayed.

Next, she walked a few feet to her right and gingerly stepped up to the level on which the tabernacle is kept on its coal-ornamented stand. She said a prayer after briefly touching the tabernacle where she and others of her faith believe Jesus is found.

As she slowly made her way down the steps and then down the aisle, the bells of the church tolled the noon hour and spiritual songs played on the sound system in the church's steeple.

The woman demonstrated that the joy of Easter does not end on that day.

Our prayers can rise heavenward like the sweet smell of the flowers. Our soul can sing songs of praise. Sometimes we can even "touch" God in prayer.

At all times, God can touch us in our heart of hearts.


No matter how quietly we pray, God hears us.