TREVORTON - Several residents sounded off at Monday night's meeting of the Zerbe Township board of supervisors.

Supervisors Michael Schwartz and Gene Geise listened to complaints about junk vehicles, pontoon boats being parked on the street and disputes with neighbors.

Solicitor Roger Wiest expressed his understanding of the complaints and applauded township police chief Robert John for his work in the township.

"We have given the chief the discretionary power for us on these ordinances, and myself and the supervisors think he is doing a great job," Wiest said. "Are their some areas we could do more? Perhaps, but once we open that can of worms, we better be ready to do that across the board."

Wiest cautioned the public that a larger and more active police force could increase the property tax millage 10 times. He also said of the role of government, that it "can be big enough to give you what you want, but can also be big enough to take what you already have."

At the end of the meeting, Schwartz thanked everyone for the lively discussion and the manner in which it was conducted.

"Every opinion was expressed calmly and to the point, and I commend you all for that. We are listening and will do our best," he said.

The supervisors reminded those in attendance of a public meeting to discuss zoning changes at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 22 at the municipal building. The zoning plan will change the residential area along Route 225 in Trevorton to a residential/commercial zone. The purpose is to create a broader, more accessible area for shops, stores and other businesses. It would mark the first zoning change in Zerbe Township in 46 years.

In other business

- The board approved bids to purchase 75 tons of salt for winter maintenance from American Rock Salt, New York, at a price of $65.05 a ton, and a speed timing system for the police department at a cost of $5,395, including training and initial calibration. The system will be purchased with funds raised from the annual National Night Out celebration.

- A contract was approved for Central Credit Audit to be the township's collection agency for its deliquent sewer accounts. The company will receive 35 percent of whatever monies they collect on accounts. If the account has been worked on previously by another collection agency, or the township has received a civil judgement from a magistrate on the account, the company's fee will be 50 percent of all monies collected.

- Approved additional work by Mid-State Paving for the township's creek bed repair project at a cost of $13,575, which will be paid by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

- The township's annual Halloween parade will be held Saturday forming at the Trevorton VFW at 11:30 a.m. and beginning at noon. The parade route will head west on Shamokin Street and end at the TAA field, where the annual fall festival will be held. Parade winners will be announced at the foundry area immediately after the parade.

- Trick-or-treat night will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31.