COAL TOWNSHIP - Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving, the Pre-K Counts class at Shamokin Area Elementary School held its own Thanksgiving feast and based the event on two stories they learned.

The stories - "Turkey Trouble" by Wendi Silvano and "A Turkey for Thanksgiving" by Eve Bunting - helped shape how the students celebrated.

The students were given a paper turkey to disguise as in the "Turkey Trouble" story. These turkeys were displayed on the back of chairs around the Thanksgiving table.

They also invited a turkey to dinner. The turkey was seated at the table with the children, as occurred in "A Turkey for Thanksgiving."

The students all chose whether they wanted to be a pilgrim or Native American at the feast, and they all made costumes depicting their choice.

When it came to preparing the meal, the students helped make applesauce, biscuits and butter and pumpkin pie.

They watched as the apples were turned into sauce and helped by using a sieve to separate the skins and seeds from apple flesh.

For the biscuits, they helped measure and pour the ingredients and mix the dough before scooping it onto cookie sheets.

Biscuits are best served with butter, and the students chipped in by vigorously shaking heavy cream to turn into butter while dancing and singing to songs from the "I Am Moving, I Am Learning" initiative supported by First Lady Michelle Obama.

The students made homemade pumpkin pie in a bag for dessert.

The class sponsored a dress-down day throughout the entire Shamokin Area School District, raising $188 that was donated to The Shepherd's Table, whose volunteers cook meals for the community's less fortunate.