July 1 - More than 400 racers came out to the proposed Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area for the first-ever Anthracite Hare Scramble, off-road dirt bike races.

July 5 - Shamokin City Council was considering a new ordinance that would halve the time that city parking meters give for the same amount of money, raising revenue on meters by one-third.

July 7 - A short rain shower dampened the fuses for a 20-minute delay, but Shamokin and Coal Township residents were wowed by yet another fireworks display presented by the Citizens for a Better Community.

July 9 - An investigation by the county district attorney's office showed no wrongdoing over the disposal of a hard drive on a work computer by Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi.

July 10 - The city of Shamokin filed a civil action in Northumberland County Court against Robert Gilligbauer over his storage of junk vehicles on a pair of lots at Rock and Spurzheim streets. The suit asks for no monetary compensation, just that the judge order the mechanic to remove the vehicles and be permanently bound by the city code.

July 11 - Two men, one from Coal Township and the other from Millville, N.J, were charged by Coal Township police with kidnapping after holding an Overlook man against his will for an hour until he paid back a $500 drug debt.

July 12 - Shaine M. Wyland, 34, of Shamokin, was wanted by police after being charged with the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl, who claimed the two had consensual sex one time. He later turned himself in after telling police he was in Lancaster County without his cell phone.

July 20 - Shane Hoffman, 40, of Sunbury, was acquitted on charges of institutional vandalism, theft and receiving stolen property following a jury trial after being accused of stealing copper pipes and scrap metal from the Northumberland County Prison and pocketing the money.

July 22 - Quick thinking by firefighters kept a fire inside a South Fifth Street, Shamokin apartment building from spreading beyond its point of origin.

July 23 - Angelina Coladonato, 19, of Shamokin, was sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty to a charge of giving false information to police in conjunction with the investigation into her boyfriend throwing a three-month-old brindle pit bull puppy down an embankment in January.

July 23 - A malfunctioning pump caused the Lawton W. Shroyer Memorial Pool in Shamokin to close until the pump could be fixed.

July 24 - Point Township supervisor Montie Peters was removed from the Northumberland County Planning Commission on a 2-1 vote in light of a controversy Point Township had with the state Department of Community and Economic Development. Peters said the removal was down without cause and would appeal the ruling.

July 25 - The feud between Shamokin Housing Authority chair Raymond G. Splane and landlord Barry Getchey escalated as Splane filed a libel suit against Getchey in Northumberland County Court, claiming Getchey's picket signs made outrageous claims against him.

July 30 - Ramon Aikeem Frazier, an inmate at SCI-Coal Township, was charged with attempted homicide for a December incident in which he stabbed another inmate in the neck with a piece of heavy gauge fencing.

July 31 - Ed Rhoades, 65, of Catawissa, a retired Southern Columbia Area art teacher, was killed when his out-of-control mountain bike hit a stopped pickup truck in Catawissa Township.