STONINGTON - A driver walked away with only scratches Friday when his car struck a corn crib and then a shed off Maple Road near here and a 4-by-4-inch post went through his front windshield.

The driver was not identified by police.

The piece of wood broke off from the shed, entered at the top left of the windshield, narrowly missing the driver, went across the front seat and knocked out the passenger side window.

Other boards were on the car or lying near it in the snow-covered grass at the scene of the crash, which occurred about 3:30 p.m. about two miles off Route 61 in Shamokin Township.

The car, which went out of control on the snow-covered road, continued about 50 yards across the grass after hitting the shed and came to a stop when it hit a large tree.

Reports at the scene were that the driver walked to a residence, from which emergency personnel from Stonington Fire Company and Americus Ambulance were called.

Trooper Brian Ronk from Stonington State Police said the man suffered only minor injuries.