SUNBURY - Barbara Shipman, of Lower Augusta Township, escaped serious injury Thursday morning when a large oak tree, estimated to be at least 70 feet tall, fell on her Subaru Outback while she was driving on Boyer Hill Road in Upper Augusta Township near Brumbaugh Auction.

The tree trunk appeared to be rotten.

While it was a case of bad timing, it was also a case of good luck for Shipman: the two main stems of the tree fell on either side of the driver's compartment. One heavily damaged the hood; the other flattened the driver's side rear corner of the car.

Shipman, who was reportedly on her way to work at Shikellamy School District, crawled out of the passenger side.

The highway was closed for five hours because the tree and car blocked the entire road. PennDOT crews used chainsaws to cut the large tree into pieces for removal.

Shipman, contacted Thursday afternoon after her release from a local hospital, did not want to comment on her harrowing experience.

State police at Stonington investigated but had not issued a report as of Thursday evening.