KULPMONT - The 20th Soupie Contest was held April 20 at the West End Fire Association .

There were six different categories judged, including soupies, cappies, wine, pasta, pepperoni and lagenega.

Winners from the soupie category are: First place, Brett Kalbarchick; second, Mike Sinopoli, and third, Barry Roseman Sr.

Cappies category winners: First, David Fantini; second, Jason Fantini, and third, Jay Moser.

Wine category winners and wine flavors: First, Butch Fantini, peach apricot; second, Marshall Scicchitano, merlot, and third, Ken Beury, strawberry.

Pasta winners: First, Sherry Roseman, sausage lasagna; second, Esther Evans, pepperoni pizza soup, and third, Bev Kern, wedding soup.

Pepperoni category winners: First, Barry Roseman Jr.; second, Shawn Ryan, and third, Sean Paul.

Lagenega winners: First, Pat Condron; second, Lin Howerter, and third, Charlie Staskiel.