SHAMOKIN - Get ready, the ride on the weather rollercoaster isn't over yet.

Parts of the area were transformed into an ice-skating rink thanks to freezing rain Sunday. National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist Craig Evanego reported that a freezing rain advisory that was scheduled to end at 9 p.m. Sunday was extended to midnight.

"We are seeing the temperatures hovering just around freezing this evening (Sunday), so their is the potential for some freezing rain or drizzle overnight," Evanego said.

Overnight, temperatures slowly rose and freezing rain turned into regular showers, but a slight possibility of a light snow still exists this morning.

Then it's going to get cold - bitter cold.

Water on the ground poses a potential problem, the NWS reports, as an arctic cold front travels into the area.

"We will see temperatures in the afternoon (today) drop sharply. With standing water on the ground, there is the potential for flash freezing, which could bring black ice or freezing snow on the ground, making travel hazardous.

Today's low temperature could drop below zero, Evanego said, noting added gusty winds would make things worse.

"Winds could gust up to 30 miles an hour, which would bring a wind chill of about -20 degrees," he said.

As the cold front moves through Tuesday's high is expected to rise to a high of 10 degrees, then drop to record cold levels to an overnight low of -5 degrees.

"Monday into Tuesday, we are recommending that everyone limit the amount of exposure to the cold, and keep bundled up if you have to be out for any length of time.

Once the cold front moves out, however, a warmer weekend awaits. Temperatures are forecasted to rise above 40 degrees and reach high of 46 by Sunday.

"After the arctic chill, that's the thaw out," Evanego said.