SUNBURY - Weis set a record with its company recycling program in 2013.

It recycled more than 53 million pounds of waste, including 2,500 tons of food waste, through its closed-loop composting program, and also recycled 21,000 tons of cardboard, 703 tons of plastic film and 52 tons of pharmacy bottles.

Weis reviewed its sustainability achievements Tuesday in honor of Earth Day.

Since 2008, Weis has been incorporating energy-saving measures designed to lower energy consumption, fossil fuel dependence and carbon emissions, a company press release announced. As a result, the company has decreased its carbon emissions every year for a total of 14.4 percent over the six-year period, while expanding its store operations by more than 10 percent in square footage.

"We have a corporate commitment to being good stewards of the environment, and these results indicate we are achieving our goal to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change," R. Kevin Small, vice president of store development, was quoted.

Patti Olenick, sustainability manager, credited the efforts of Weis associates.

"From our corporate headquarters, to the distribution center, to all of our stores, everyone has embraced sustainability and is committed to making our operations more efficient and to integrating 'green' ideals into our company's DNA," she said.

Weis Markets also received national recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) GreenChill program, a program that encourages reduced refrigerant usage to help lower the overall environmental impact on the ozone layer and climate change. Weis Markets currently has 10 stores certified in the GreenChill Program and continues to incorporate advanced refrigeration systems in all new stores and remodels. In 2013, Weis Markets was presented with the EPA's GreenChill Environmental Achievement Awards for Distinguished Supermarket Partner and Superior Goal Achievement.