SUNBURY - Penn State Extension-Northumberland County is inviting walkers to join them on a scenic virutal tour of scenic Route 6.

The program, part of Everybody Walk Across PA, will invite teams to join together as they walk, over a one-month period, the 403-mile length of Pennsylvania Route 6, which traverses the state and runs through 11 counties.

Walkers will join a team which they can walk together or at their own at a time and place convenient for them. At the end of each week, the team captain will report the mileage each person walked and everyone will receive updates on the progress as they "virtually" move across the state.

To meet the goal, each person will need to average walking or exercising 10 miles per week.

During the event, which runs from March 31 to May 25. Along the route, participants will receive tips on buying, eating and using fruits and vegetables, especially those grown in Pennsylvania, and fun information about the towns along Route 6 and prizes will be offered at the end.

Penn State Extension hopes to offer not only nutritional tips and fun facts, but to show that moderate activity, such as walking, is shown to reduce stress and fatigue, increase mental awareness, improve cardiovascular function and strengthen bones.

When combined with healthy eating, walking can help to reduce or maintain body weight and reduce the incidence of many chronic diseases.

For more information, or to register, contact senior extension educator Lynn James at 570-988-3950 or by email at, or by visiting the website at