SUNBURY - Northumberland County public meetings will be recorded on video and later uploaded to the Internet for county residents to view at their leisure.

The practice started with Tuesday's 40-minute commissioners meeting, which can now be viewed by clicking a link on the home page of the county's website,

"Since public meetings are open, there's no reason they shouldn't be recorded," said Commissioner Stephen Bridy.

Chairman Vinny Clausi said he believes commissioners are sometimes unfairly represented in the local media.

"This way, anyone who wants to look at what we say, they can watch the video. We want the citizens of the county to know what's going on," he said.

Commissioner Rick Shoch, who has been at odds with Clausi over a number of county issues, said he was surprised when Clausi made the announcement about the video recordings at the beginning of Tuesday's meeting. He said he's happy residents who can't make the meetings will be able to judge for themselves what takes place.

However, he said, "I give it about three meetings" before the commissioners stop the practice.

The commissioners previously considered recording each meeting, but only took action recently, Bridy said.

Any public meeting that takes place in the main meeting room will be recorded and uploaded without any editing, he said.

The IT department, including Jeff Fetterman and Eric Wendt, will be in charge of recording with a Sony HDR-CX43 camcorder. They'll upload the raw file and embed the video in the website, said Bridy. IT is among the departments Bridy is charged with overseeing.

Once uploaded, the raw files of the video will be deleted, Bridy said.

Karen Collier, ombudsman/administrative secretary, will continue to digitally record audio from the meetings in order to create the minutes.