TREVORTON - The Zerbe Township recreation committee is looking for vendors for a new Thursday evening farmers market.

Ciara Voneida, organizer of the weekly market, said only three participants are registered right now, but she hopes to gather more by the market's opening day Thursday at the Foundry.

"We're hoping that if the three of us get together, more people will come along," said Voneida.

Voneida wants to attract a variety of vendors, ranging from produce and baked goods to flea market items and crafts.

"Basically anything that anyone wants to set up is fine," said Voneida.

The market will be held every Thursday from 3 p.m. to dusk.

"We're trying to do the evening for people who can't go to other farmers markets because they're away during the day," said Voneida.

The recreation committee will charge $10 for a vendor space, and the money will go back into the committee's account to be used on Zerbe Township recreation projects. Recently, the committee has completed several projects at the foundry including improving the bathrooms and building a new sand volleyball court.

"Booth rental space (fees) are going directly to a great cause," said Voneida. "It's a good way to pay back the community for letting us use the space."

Anyone interested in operating a booth at the farmers market is asked to contact Voneida at 570-975-1633.