READING - UGI Utilities will spend more than $85 million in fiscal year 2014 to replace natural gas mains and complete a variety of system enhancement projects, including one in Shamokin.

"Safety is always UGI's first priority," said Hans Bell, vice president of engineering. "These infrastructure projects continue our commitment to ensure our system provides safe, reliable service for our customers, and for the many communities we serve."

Approximately 65 miles of cast iron and bare steel mains are targeted for replacement by mains constructed of contemporary materials such as high density plastic or cathodically protected steel as part of the UGI infrastructure betterment program. These infrastructure betterment projects are complemented by a number of regular UGI capital projects such as pressure reinforcements to improve system reliability, service line and meter replacements, and regulator station work.

The 500 block of Arch Street in Shamokin will receive new mains. Residents and city officials will be notified of the construction schedule in advance.

Whenever appropriate, UGI will replace service lines leading to homes during the main replacement project and, in some cases, will need to gain access to residences. In addition, these projects will cause temporary traffic and parking congestion. UGI will work with municipal officials to minimize these disruptions.

UGI is in the early stages of a $1.2 billion commitment to replace all pipelines made of non-contemporary material within a 30 year period. The replacement schedule is guided by an infrastructure plan that prioritizes projects based on risk assessment and other factors. Currently, more than 85 percent of UGI's 12,000 miles of gas pipelines are constructed of contemporary materials.

A complete list of scheduled infrastructure projects, along with their status, can be found at