UGI Utilities, Inc. recently presented a check for $100,000 to representatives of the American Red Cross.

The funds will support senior preparedness, fire safety and prevention and disaster services in communities in Pennsylvania served by UGI.

As part of the donation, UGI will be the inaugural sponsor for the launch of the Senior Preparedness Education Program conducted by the American Red Cross serving Central Pennsylvania. The company will also be the prime sponsor of the Senior Preparedness and Response Initiative in the American Red Cross Northeast Pennsylvania Region.

"UGI is pleased to provide this contribution to the American Red Cross and to assist them in conducting critical preparedness and response programs in the many communities both our organizations serve," said Robert Krieger, UGI vice president of operations. "We are very pleased to deepen our partnership with the American Red Cross, which will assist in the delivery of essential programs and services to residents of the Commonwealth."

American Red Cross officials stressed the importance of UGI's donation in helping expand their services in the region.

"The American Red Cross is committed to educating our communities," said Ellen Kyzer, Regional CEO of the American Red Cross serving Central Pennsylvania. "We are so fortunate to have the generous support of UGI to launch our efforts to educate seniors in Central Pennsylvania on fire hazards. Partnerships like this make our work possible."

UGI's support of the Senior Preparedness and Response Initiative will allow the American Red Cross to expand its Team Firestoppers program in Northeast Pennsylvania. The program is designed to provide prevention material to reduce the risk of home fires, to develop fire escape plans, and to practice home fire safety.