COAL TOWNSHIP - An Ashland area woman and a Tharptown man have been charged with stealing $2,700 in jewelry from a home on West State Street in April.

Jenna Ocacio-Rodriguez, 28, also known as Jenna Wehr, and Justin H. Dobson, 29, of 313 Center St., Tharptown, face felonies of burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, criminal trespass and criminal conspiracy to commit burglary.

Both defendants are charged by Coal Township Detective Jeff Brennan with entering the home of Christa Stumhofer, 816 W. State St., on April 4 and removing $2,700 worth of jewelry, including a gold charm bracelet appraised at $600 and a gold ring.

Police reported Stumhofer found her bracelet at a pawn shop in Shamokin on April 5. The owner of the shop, who purchased the bracelet for $400, identified Ocacio-Rodriguez as the person who brought the bracelet into the store to sell it, police said. When the pawn shop owner offered her $400 for the bracelet, Dobson claimed the jewelry belonged to his mother and was worth more than $400. The pawn shop owner told police the defendants eventually agreed to sell the bracelet for $400.

Upon obtaining a search warrant for a vehicle operated by Ocacio-Rodriguez and Dobson, police located a multi-colored charm bracelet and gold ring belonging to Stumhofer.

Ocacio-Rodriguez, who was apprehended late Wednesday night in the parking lot at Walmart Supercenter on Route 61, was arraigned at 11 p.m. by on-call Magisterial District Judge John Gembic III and committed to Northumberland County Prison in Sunbury in lieu of $15,000 cash bail.

Dobson was released on his own recognizance.