SUNBURY - A decision to formally grant a protection from abuse (PFA) order to the grandmother of Erick R. Trometter was delayed Wednesday because Trometter was served the order last week while in a coma.

A judge's temporary PFA, issued following Trometter's alleged assault of Amanda Trometter, 67, July 8, will remain in effect. A new hearing is scheduled for July 30.

The temporary PFA was served July 10 by Montour County Sheriff's Department personnel at Erick Trometter's hospital room at Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, Sgt. Dwayne Pidcoe of the Northumberland County Sheriff's Department testified Wednesday.

Because he was in a coma at the time, it can't be known if he knows the order exists or if he understands it, said Marsha Skoff, who presided at Wednesday's five-minute hearing in Northumberland County Court.

Skoff referred Amanda Trometter to an attorney after she said she's struggled to get medical updates on her grandson.

Erick Trometter, 22, of 618 Susquehanna Ave., Sunbury, was critically injured a few hours after the alleged assault when he was shot by Brad Hare, Sunbury's acting chief of police. He was charged the next day with felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor simple assault and summary harassment for the incident involving his grandmother. Charges related to the confrontation with the policeman are pending.

Police said Trometter had a knife when Hare saw him walking along Mile Post Road near Shikellamy Avenue just outside the city. There was a warrant for his arrest related to the alleged assault of Amanda Trometter, and Hare attempted to take him into custody.

Listed at 6 feet, 290 pounds, police said Erick Trometter resisted and continued to struggle with Hare after being shot with a Taser. Hare then fired his gun.

The temporary PFA was approved less than an hour later. It bars Erick Trometter from any contact with his grandmother for up to three years and evicts him from their home.

Trometter remained in serious condition Wednesday. He had initially been admitted in critical condition.