RED CROSS - A Trevorton teenager on his way to school lost control of his car on a slippery Route 225 Wednesday morning and crashed into trees along the highway.

Elijah Zablosky, 17, wasn't injured in the 7:10 a.m. crash, in which his red Jetta ended up on its passenger side leaning against trees about 10 feet off the road.

He said he was driving south when he rounded the sweeping curve at the intersection with Route 3010 and lost control. Zablosky said he tried to save it for as long as he could - his skid marks could be seen across the coating of snow on the road for about 100 yards - but the vehicle eventually slid backwards off a small embankment on the east side of the highway, missing a utility pole by a few feet.

Zablosky said a passerby held his driver's side door open while helping him get out.

A steady snow was falling around the time of the crash, which occurred just a few hundred yards from Klinger's Gulf.

Herndon Fire Company and Americus Ambulance responded, as did state police at Stonington.