DANVILLE - Albert Hoffman, an emergency medical technician (EMT) with Trevorton Ambulance, is the 2014 recipient of the Susquehanna Emergency Health Services Council Jack Williams Memorial Award.

The award was presented to Hoffman at the annual Susquehanna/Seven Mountains EMS Conference.

Presenting the award were Jack Williams' wife, Ruth Williams; Martin Raniowski, Deputy Secretary of Health, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and Richard Gibbons, state EMS director, Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The award is presented annually to a provider within the Susquehanna Emergency Health Services Council region (Montour, Northumberland, Columbia, Union and Snyder counties) by the family of Jack Williams to memorialize his dedication to emergency medical services. Williams was an active EMT and officer with Shimer and Fifth Ward hose companies in Milton, and an EMS training officer for the Milton Ambulance Service.

Williams also served the community and region as an EMS instructor and Susquehanna EHS Council board member for more than 20 years. This award recognizes an EMS provider whose service or actions have exemplified their spirit to serve, teach, improve patient care, and promote the rmergency medical services within the Susquehanna EHS Council Region.

The nomination for Hoffman says:

"Our nomination for the 2014 Jack Williams Award is Al Hoffman with the Trevorton Ambulance. Al has been a member of our service for the past eight years and is currently our assistant director/chief. Our service is the last volunteer ambulance service in Northumberland County and without the dedication and motivation of Al, we would not be where we are today. We have all witnessed Al on EMS and fire calls, and he always conducts himself professionally. Al always treats his patients with respect and dignity. He always has a kind word to say to any patient. Al is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back even after you spit in his face.

"A few years ago, we were on the scene of an MVA (motor vehicle accident). We were in the middle of a snowstorm and this family had no way to get back home or a place to stay for the night. Al, being the guy he is, went home, grabbed his mini-van and drove this family back to Lancaster. After dropping this family off at their home, the family offered to pay for his gas for the ride to Lancaster and Al refused any type of payment.

"Another example of the selflessness of this man happened just a few weeks ago during the polar vortex our country experienced. The Northumberland County 911 Center dispatched our EMS chiefs for a public service detail. Upon calling the 911 center, Hoffman found out there was a family that ran out of wood for their wood stove and were unable to get more. After hearing this, Al drove home and loaded his pick-up truck with some firewood and gave it to the family with no hesitation.

"These are just two of the many references of this man's selflessness. Whenever something is said to Al about the stuff he does, his answer is usually always the same, 'We are here to help people. We are volunteers and it's what we do.' Besides Al being everything mentioned above, he is also dedicated to education. Al is always taking some type of continuing education class. Being in EMS, we all know how constantly things change, Al likes to learn so he can do what is best for his patient and so he knows what is going on when an ALS provider is doing something. Al always asks questions so he can keep learning or find out if he could have or should have done something differently.

"Al gets along with everyone he meets. He is dedicated to EMS and helping people. Al doesn't do what he does for recognition or a pat on the back; he does it because he is a good human being and the simplest of actions can mean the world to someone else. We feel Al Hoffman not only meets, but exceeds, the criteria for the Jack Williams Award."

Hoffman was joined by his family for the award presentation. He resides in West Cameron Township with his wife Sharon, who is also an active volunteer EMT with Trevorton Ambulance. He is the proud father of Gregory, Drew, Katiemae and Megan.