SUNBURY - Two milestones will be reached in the Northumberland County treatment courts Tuesday at ceremonies held at the courthouse in Courthouse No. 1.

First, all four of the adult treatment courts will hold graduation on the same day presided over by Judge Charles H. Saylor. There will be recipients of certificates of graduation from the drug court, DUI court, Veterans' Court and Behavioral Health Court.

Second, the DUI treatment court will reach the century mark of 100 graduates since its reception in 2007.

According to court officials, participants in the treatment courts are given the tools necessary to maintain their sobriety or to deal with the issues resulting in criminal behavior. The treatment courts are viewed as a successful method of ending the cycle of multiple re-arrests and jail. Court officials believe the courts have had a profound impact on improving the lives of the graduates and their families. If they are able, a condition of graduation is that employment is obtained, and their treatment program has been completed.

Saylor remains a staunch advocate of the effectiveness of the treatment court model.