SHAMOKIN - Treasurer Brenda Scandle was inaccurately identified in a story published Tuesday as being among a group of city employees who had not been required to pay a co-pay for health insurance.

Scandle, re-elected to a four-year term in November, clarified Wednesday that she has been paying a $25 weekly co-pay since 2011.

City council voted 5-0 Monday to require that all city employees pay $25 weekly co-pays for health insurance. It wouldn't apply to union employees operating under collective bargaining agreements, but it would apply to all non-union employees who have health care through the city.

Mayor William D. Milbrand identified five city employees who he said had not been required to pay a co-pay prior to Jan. 1: Steve Bartos, city clerk; Rick Bozza, code officer; Lynn Dixson, community development director; Michelle Quinn, human relations specialist, and Scandle.

Scandle said the fifth employee would have been Kelly Seroski, code office secretary; however, her position was reduced to part-time and she is not currently eligible for the city's health benefits.