U.S. Air Force

Born June 30, 1937.

Died Sept. 24, 1968.

Gene was born in Shamokin and graduated from Coal Township High School in 1955. Gene enjoyed basketball as a youth.

Gene joined the Air Force in 1956. He served as crew chief with the 509th Bombardment Wing.

After a tour of duty at the forward base in the southwest Pacific, Gene was returning to Pease Air Force Base on a KC-135 Tanker when it crashed and burned during an emergency landing at Wake Island Sept. 24, 1968.

"He worked hard and performed his duties in an outstanding manner. His pleasing personality and devotion to his comrades made his presence always appreciated."

Gene was survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lauer, wife Karen, daughter Janine, and five brothers.

Gene was 31 years old and is remembered on panel 42W, line 45.