RUSH TOWNSHIP - Twenty-seven teens have been cited by state police at Stonington for underage drinking in connection with a post-prom party Sunday morning.

The party at the property of Joe and Maria Harris, 118 Elysburg Road, was busted at about 5:30 a.m. Hanna C. Harris, 18, of the same address, was among the teens cited for underage drinking.

One girl reportedly was hospitalized due to an alcohol overdose, with a blood-alcohol content of more than .30 percent, according to a report in The Daily Item.

The Danville Area Junior-Senior High School prom was held Friday. The district doesn't sponsor a post-prom event.

Also cited were Jared A. Daku, 19, of 70 Bennett Road, Danville; Matthew P. McConnell, 19, of 10 Red Oak Drive, Danville; Donie Ann Keeley, 18, of 22 Landau Road, Danville; Lauren N. Roth, 18, of 4 Erin Drive, Danville; Michael J. Vitale, 18, of 43 Alton St., Danville; Ian J. Metzer, 18, of 142 E. Diehl Road, Danville; Cale D. Rice, 18, of 341 Jerseytown Road, Danville; Alyssa A. Shaw, 18, of 440 Elysburg Road, Danville; Michael J. McCormick, 18, of 2105 Sunny Lane, Riverside; James T. Mullen, 18, of 200 Cooper St., Danville; Jessica T. Paugh, 18, of 107 Valley View Road, Danville; Maxwell D. Wright, 18, of 39 Alton St., Danville; Thomas B. Berg, 18, of 28 Valley Green Drive, Danville; Kiersten T. Zerbe, 19, of 2 Fairfield Lane, Danville; Robert J. Seebold, 18, of 5 Breezy Court, Danville; Evan A. Willard, 18, of 390 Columbia Hill Road, Danville; a 16-year-old female; a 16-year-old male; six 17-year-old males; a 17-year-old female, and a 15-year-old female.