SUNBURY - If District Attorney Tony Rosini is confirmed as a new Northumberland County judge, first assistant district attorney Ann Targonski, a Shamokin attorney who has been a full-time ADA since 2008, will move up to his position in the DA's office.

While Rosini has sparred with county commissioners in the past about adding another attorney to his office to help manage the caseload, he is confident Targonski and his other assistant district attorneys, Michael Toomey and William Cole, will handle the office well, along with a new appointee.

"The position for a fourth assistant attorney has been approved, and Ann will appoint. I'm very sure of her qualifications and don't feel any concern about the staff in the district attorney's office; they all do an excellent job," Rosini said.

Targonski has also been working with Rosini on various cases, including the homicide investigations into "Craigslist Killers" Miranda and Elytte Barbour. He said he has confidence in her experience to handle the case.

- Rob Wheary