MIDDLEBURG - Joshua M. Snook, 27, of Sunbury, was arraigned Monday before District Judge Lori Hackenberg in the Feb. 17 death of his 71-year-old grandmother, Bonnie J. Snook, of Beaver Township, Snyder County.

According to The Daily Item in Sunbury, District Attorney Michael Piecuch said Joshua Snook's 9-year-old son was in the home when Bonnie Snook's throat was slashed in a knife attack. Piecuch didn't say whether the boy witnessed the fatal attack.

Dale W, Snook, Bonnie's husband, sustained a laceration on his arm.

Joshua Snook, who is being held without bail in Snyder County Jail, faces two dozen charges, including criminal homicide. The district attorney said he hasn't decided whether or not to seek the death penalty.

Snook's wife, Jennifer Snook, 30, has been charged with second-degree criminal homicide, burglary, conspiracy, theft and other charges.

According to court documents, the couple went to the Beaver Township home to get a gun after Joshua Snook was involved in a bar fight in Northumberland.