COAL TOWNSHIP - The Coal Township Street Department will begin cleaning streets this week, weather permitting.

All vehicles are required to be removed from the designated streets by the designated times. Any vehicles not removed will be ticketed. More streets will be designated for cleaning throughout the month.

The north side of the streets on the west side will be cleaned in the morning and the south side in the afternoon. It's the opposite for the east side, with cleaning on the south side in the morning and the north side in the afternoon.

West side

Wednesday - Walnut Street, First to Locust.

Thursday - Walnut Street, Locust to Woodlawn.

Friday - Arch Street, First to Locust.

East side

Wednesday - Tioga Street, Hakes to Thomas.

Thursday - Pulaski Avenue, Lombard to Chemung.

Friday - Pulaski Avenue, Chemung to Meade.