ELYSBURG - Work began Monday morning on erecting what will be the tallest ride at Knoebels Amusement Resort.

The StratosFear, custom-made for Knoebels by Wintersville, Ohio-based ARM Rides, will be 148 feet high. By comparison, the tallest hill of the Twister rollercoaster is 101 feet and the Giant Wheel is 110 feet high.

The StratosFear is similar to the Paradrop, located near the Flume, but is less family friendly.

"It is a thrill ride. You need to be ready," director of public relations Joe Muscato said previously.

The first two of three sections of tall, thin steel framing were being linked together by 10 a.m. The third section and a lighted "globe" structure at the top were put on by mid-afternoon. Two cranes from Zartman Construction, Sunbury, were used.

Purple seats were still lying on the ground Monday afternoon, awaiting installation.

Twelve riders will be seated and harnessed in a vehicle that forms a perimeter around the tower. They will be slowly transported to the top, where they will be able to see the entirety of the park. Then, the vehicle will be released, and riders will reach a top speed of 47 mph on the trip back down.

Hydraulics bring the fast fall to a smooth stop.

Like every ride in the park the StratosFear will be subject to daily inspections, with someone scaling the towering structure each day, Muscato said. The new ride is located across from the Twister bridge.

Muscato and long-time Knoebels employee Jon Slodysko were on a scissor lift to take photos, and Knoebels produced time-lapse video footage of the construction.