KULPMONT - The winners of the 21st annual soupie, wine and pasta contest, held April 5 at the West End Fire Association, have been announced.

Winners are:

Wine - Catherine Fantini for her peach apricot, first; Lisa Beury, second; Marshall Scicchitano for his blackberry wine, third.

Laganiga - Nick Bozza, first; Len Howerter, second; Ken Horvath, third.

Pasta - Jay Moser, first; Rose Bailoni, second; Lisa Beury, third.

Capicola - Mike Sin, first; Dave Berry, second; Nick Bozza, third.

Pepperoni - Joe Achenbach, first; Mike Sin, second; Barry Roseman Sr., third.

Soupie - Steve Polifka, first; Brett Kalbarchick, second; Mike Sin, third.