Whose idea?

Who has established this "political correctness," and why are we being held accountable to it by a government that ignores moral and natural law for the sake of political success? Stop the political warfare and start leading this country with some truth and integrity for the sake of the nation, not yourselves, or get out of office.

No thanks

Do a good deed and you get a kick in the butt with a letter to the editor.

Kids first

This is for all the fathers who let their girlfriends or new wives replace their children. If you make them choose them over your children, see what happens. Wake up, guys. Your children are more important. If your lady friend can't take your child, then she is not worth it.

Looking ahead

Yay, Supreme Court. The Supreme Court just made a decision that Barack Obama exceeded his power with recess appointments. What happens if the Republicans have a good election in November? Do we have a dictator in the future?

Why the blame?

I don't understand why people are blaming Obama for this. Seventy percent of Americans don't want us to be over there. They're tired of this. They're tired of us putting our noses all over the world. You are never going to win a religious war. They have to get their act together themselves. Obama is the only one trying to bring our soldiers home.

Tip of the hat

Whoever is responsible for the increase in moving violations in Shamokin, my hat's off to you. Milbrand or Darve, it doesn't matter. Just so you are working together to control the traffic on our streets. You will gain back respect from the citizens of the city and improve the quality of life for everyone. Please consider more patrols on Market Street and Bear Valley Avenue. Both are 25 mph zones and both have engine brake restrictions, and these rules are constantly being abused.

A good deed

I want to thank the good Samaritan who came to my rescue last week when my car broke down. He wouldn't accept any money for pushing me off the road by Hospital Road at the red light. He even went home to get his other car to jump the battery, but it didn't work. I am much appreciative.

Trash cans

They need to get some trash cans over at the Claude Kehler Community Park because the trash is piling up here and there. There are no trash cans in the walking area of the park or at the bandstand.

Pension reform

I was wondering if someone can tell me why, when the state gave themselves the big raise in the pensions in 2001, the Dow was only at 14,000. Now the Dow is at a record high, over 16,000, and they still can't reform the pension.


I don't know why anybody gripes about Vinny Clausi. I don't even know the man personally, but he did more for Northumberland County for the taxpayers than any politician in the last 30 years. I don't know why you are all complaining. The only thing I can see is these complainers are all freeloaders.

Parade route

I hope the city is putting up no parking signs along the parade route for the 150th anniversary. It's bad at a parade when you have to stand out in the street in front of the cars to watch it. It's not safe for the kids and it's not enjoyable.