Never, never land

Looking at the Shroyer factory building, built in 1946, and remembering the many people employed there, shows what happens when good businesses lose out because of imports from other countries. How this woman will save this building - it will never happen.

Time and space

I am calling about the woman being cited that owns the dress factory building. Where are their brains? This woman just bought the building; you have to give her time. She is not a contractor. How about all the years the Shroyers owned the building? Were they ever cited? Give the woman a chance. You can't do a job like that overnight.


So I am wondering where Chris Christie got his lessons in leadership? Vinny Clausi?

Mental vortex

This woman who owns the former dress company is going to start cleaning the building in maybe six months and begin repairs in maybe three years? Then she wants to open up a soup kitchen?

Suggestion box

I would like to leave a suggestion for the people crying about the Christmas tree removal: For God's sake, next year buy an artificial one.

Fast times

I am calling regarding the dress factory where the code officer is talking about citing her because she is not being fast enough on getting everything done. Well, it takes time to get money together and groups and people; plus, she is not from the area. I think it is a wonderful thing that she wants to do and we probably really are going to need it more and more as time goes by. It would be a great location for people who are homeless as well. I think he should call her and see if there is something that could be worked out and not lose the project over a few dollars in citations. Frog's take: What color is the sky in your world? I wouldn't hold my breath.

Tax time

I was wondering if anyone knew if they were still going to do the taxes for senior citizens up at the career and arts center building? If there is I would like to have some information in the paper. Frog's take: We had something in on Jan. 7. For information or to schedule an appointment, call CSO at 570-644-6575, ext. 171.


Wasn't that something about that poor inmate in Ohio that took an awful 20 minutes to die after being injected for execution for the murder of that poor woman? It is too bad they didn't let her family go in there and start skinning him for the 20 minutes he had left.

Knee deep

I was watching President Obama's speech about limiting the spying by the NSA. One thing I noticed when the camera scanned around was there were many people in the audience wearing hip boots.

Changes in attitude

Pogo, the philosopher character in the comic strip "Okefenokee Swamp," said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." He had to be referring to the changes in weather, global warming, destroying the environment and depleting our resources. Future generations will suffer because of our actions and lack of concern with these issues.