Wants money back

The city of Shamokin spends money it doesn't have, like on the 99 Steps and the walking bridge. If we had the $9,000 raise and the $2,500 for the grant we didn't get, maybe some of our bills could be paid.

It was you

This is to the person who called about the dogs: You do live around me. You do hear the barking. You stare at me every day. Otherwise, why would you put the second piece in the paper? I know it was you.

Just tell them

As far as living by the neighbor with that dog, why doesn't she have the nerve to tell those people to their faces about that dog? She may not have the nerve to do that.

Not Obama's fault

Concerning Sol Bidding's letter to the editor Saturday: It's wrong to blame the president for everything. Remember, Republicans want to cut back on everything, food stamps and everything else. The sequester was the cause of this. Frog's Take: Last week, the Pentagon reversed its decision to limit access to Warrior Cafe at Walter Reed.

Combine programs

That was a great letter to the editor by Sol Bidding. It is a shame what the politicians are doing to this country. I have an idea to remedy this situation. The way I see it, the people on ACCESS are eating very well. I think we need to combine that program with Meals on Wheels for the veterans, and then they will be eating very well.

It's the players

The Phillies fired the wrong guy.. The front office have been hanging on to overaged and overpriced players who have spent more time on the disabled list than on the field.

Help veterans

Hats off to Sol Bidding for his letter. People should get off their butts and help the veterans.

Parking lot

I think it's a shame the way the kids are leaving that parking lot behind the post office. I walked through there Saturday morning and there was trash all over. There are trash cans right there. Sometimes, you can't even get through the parking lot from that end. You have to go through the other end. No use calling the cops. There is nowhere else to turn.

What's wrong?

I just want to compliment Sol Bidding on the letter to the editor. At least some people worry about our veterans. Other people couldn't care less. Scumbags get things free and sit at home and do nothing, while veterans are on the phone trying to get help. What is wrong with this country?

Speed zone

I filed a complaint about the 500 and 600 blocks of Second Street, as far as the traffic is concerned. People think it's a highway. They go up and down the street at 40 or 50 miles an hour. There are kids playing there. The police don't seem to do anything about it. If they want ticket money, they should come here.