COAL TOWNSHIP - Salary was increased and benefits contributions decreased to entice a candidate for city clerk to accept the job.

Robert M. Slaby, 62, of Kulpmont, said Thursday that he was offered a $40,000 annual salary and a $25 weekly contribution rate towards health care, the same rate as other non-union employees at city hall.

The salary is about $5,000 less than what his predecessor had earned in 2013, but $5,000 more than the city's initial offer of $35,000. It's lower than all of the city's full-time police officers and all but two of its street department employees, according to the respective union contracts.

It was announced during Wednesday's city council workshop that Slaby had accepted the job, and his salary and benefits details were confirmed Thursday. City council will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. Monday to officially ratify his hiring.

City council had voted 4-1 Monday to offer him the position at a salary of $35,000 and a contribution of 30 percent of his health care premium. Slaby had balked, saying the offer was "considerably less" than the $45,000 to $60,000 that had been discussed during his interview. He also believed his contribution should be uniform with that of other city hall employees.

Slaby will start work Tuesday assuming Monday's vote goes as expected. He said he's anxious to get into city hall and is hopeful that all of city council will lend their support.

"You can't run a tight ship without it," Slaby said.

"I will be so delighted when we make it better," he said of Shamokin's fiscal standing.

Attempts to reach the mayor and city council for comment Thursday were unsuccessful.