SHAMOKIN TOWNSHIP - Shamokin Township supervisors opened bids at their monthly meeting Wednesday for equipment that is no longer needed.

The township received only one bid for a mower purchased in 2007 and 10 bids for a 1993 tractor. Officials said both pieces of equipment were just taking up space in the township garage.

Bids for the tractor ranged from a low bid of $1,800 to the winning bid of $9,100, from John Althouse, of Mount Joy. The motion to sell the tractor was unanimously approved by a 3-0 vote with Supervisors Greg Rachau, John Klinger and Paul Rapp voting in favor.

The mower was approved for sale on a 3-0 vote with Ronald Perry, of Sunbury, submitting the only bid of $780. The mower was originally purchased in 2007 for $3,900.

"I think if we get a chance to get it out of here, we should take it," said township roadmaster Jon Clements.

Clements and the supervisors also discussed township's 2014 road projects, reviewing a project estimate sheet.

Projects include seal coating and skin patching on Hosta, Old Reading and Larch roads, prime coating and seal coating on Spruce and Cactus roads and seal coating on a 150-foot patch on Linden Road.

According to a PennDOT estimate, the projects should cost $155,182.90. The supervisors will open up bids for the road projects at a special meeting July 23.

Normally, township workers handle the paving, with materials purchased through the state's COSTARS program, but problems this year have forced Shamokin Township to bid the work out.

Northumberland County Planning Director Pat Mack attended the meeting to continue a dialogue with supervisors about a proposal to add the former Kirsch plant to the KOZ zone in Shamokin Township.

Northumberland County and Shamokin Township previously approved plans for the Keystone Opportunity Zone, which would keep any new occupant from paying taxes for 10 years. Approval of all three taxing bodies is necessary; Shamokin Area School District hasn't approved it.

The board also approved a resolution changing the billing cycles for sewage treatment hookups on Adams Park Road from monthly to quarterly and allowing the township to recoup any attorney and court filing fees if a delinquent payer is taken to court.