SHAMOKIN - City police are asking for the public's help to locate four property owners wanted on active nuisance arrest warrants for blighted properties.

Jhoel Leonardo, of 13201 95th St., South Richmond Hill, Queens, N.Y., owns 625 E. Commerce St., for which he's been cited 11 times since October.

The property is collapsing from the inside out; the damage can be seen through a hole opened almost floor-to-ceiling on the Pearl Street side. Debris has fallen from the top floor to the first floor. Support beams are bending and a staircase has collapsed.

Ola Adedeji, 50, of 2 Klarides Valley Drive, Seymour, Conn., owns 204-206 W. Mulberry St. A misdemeanor charge was filed against her last month. That was preceded by 11 citations for which local officials have received no response.

According to a criminal complaint, the building's roof is in immediate danger of collapse, shingles are falling off, interior floors have collapsed, water is draining into the residence and access is available to animals.

Adam Brooks, 46, owns 821 Mount Carmel St., Shamokin. He's been issued five citations for the property since November.

The chimney is in danger of collapsing, as is a brick wall on the south side of the building, police and code enforcement have said previously. Shingles are falling off and windows are broken, exposing the building to animal inhabitation. Located across from Pool World on Route 61, it's listed as Brooks' last known address. City officials have targeted it for demolition.

Rosa Hernandez, of 308 12th St., Brooklyn, N.Y., owns 801-803 E. Sunbury St. Five citations have been filed against her since January.

The properties have extensive roof damage, police said. Materials are falling off and windows are unsecured and broken, with glass scattered about.

Cpl. Bryan Primerano asks that anyone with information on the property owners visit the code office at City Hall, 47 E. Lincoln St., or call 570-644-0876. Primerano can be reached after normal business hours at the police station, Mill Road Square, 511 N. Franklin St., 570-648-5708.