SHAMOKIN - City police officers weren't paid bonuses for five holidays, according to a union grievance filed Dec. 18 at City Hall.

The Shamokin Police Officer Association is seeking to recoup the bonus holiday pay awarded them according to the terms of its contract with the city.

The contract states all police officers receive either a full day's pay at their regular hourly rate or time off for nine holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The bonus is also given to officers who work the 4 p.m. to midnight shift on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

This compensation comes in two separate checks and is given whether or not they're on duty on any of the nine holidays. Should an officer be on duty, they receive the bonus pay in addition to double-time for their hours worked.

Compensation for the first four holidays is to be paid as close as possible to July 1, which had occurred for 2013. However, the grievance states compensation wasn't made for the last five holidays in 2013, which is to be paid as close as possible to Dec. 1.

The police union asks that a check be issued immediately to all officers.

The grievance is at Step IV, meaning city council has 14 days to render a decision. If the matter is not resolved it is eligible for arbitration.

The contract between the police union and the city began in January 2009 and expired on New Year's Day. A new contract will likely be decided by arbitration later this year; however, city council and the union can negotiate contract terms prior to arbitration. The Barley Snyder law firm had been appointed last year by city council to handle negotiations on the city's behalf.