DANVILLE - Shamokin Mayor William Milbrand was listed in serious condition at Geisinger Medical Center Saturday evening after suffering what colleagues have been told was a heart attack earlier in the day.

City clerk Robert Slaby confirmed the mayor was taken to Geisinger during the early morning hours. He was told the mayor was "experiencing some heart problems." A nursing supervisor reported his condition Saturday night.

"We are all worried about

him and wish him a speedy recovery," said council member Dave Kinder.

Kinder, as director of finance, is acting mayor while Milbrand recuperates.

"Under the Third Class City Code, that is the order of progression," Slaby said.

"That's the way I understand it," Kinder agreed. "Of course, our first priority is for the health and recovery of Billy."

Kinder said Milbrand had been pulled in many directions lately. He owns and operates Catawese Coach Lines, which he purchased in 2010. A former councilman, he has increased his duties with the city since taking over as mayor this year, including working closely with personnel from the Department of Community and Economic Development on the city's Act 47 financial recovery plan. Milbrand was also heavily involved in the planning the city's 150th anniversary celebration, which included a week of activities that culminated with a large parade on July 5.

"With all that going on, it makes for a lot of pressure and stress, which probably got to him," Kinder said.

Milbrand won the election race for mayor by one vote. He had served on council the previous four years.

He is a former chief in the Shamokin Fire Bureau and director of the Our Shamokin Band, which recently reunited for the city's 150th anniversary celebration.

In July 2013, then-Mayor George Rozinskie was hospitalized after falling down 15 steps at his home. He didn't return to regular mayoral duties until October.