SHAMOKIN - The sale of parking permits largely buoyed the city code office's revenue for January.

The code office generated $38,100 in revenue last month, including $9,200 for paid parking, $11,850 for restricted parking and $8,400 for reserved parking, according to Code Officer Rick Bozza's monthly report.

Landlord registration netted $3,375 for the office, while the sale of amusement licenses totaled $2,615.

There were 29 calls received by the office in January, 36 property visits with communication or visual checks, four walk-in complaints, four citations issued, 11 written warnings and nine health inspections.

Bozza also responded to one police incident and four fire incidents.

The code office report was shared during Monday's city council meeting.

Also shared was Police Chief Ed Griffiths' monthly report, which reported 1,339 police calls were received and 4,727 miles patrolled by department officers. Officers issued two juvenile petitions, 16 criminal complaints, 16 traffic citations, nine non-traffic citations, seven parking citations, five written warnings, 181 parking tickets and four code tickets.