COAL TOWNSHIP - Shamokin Area Middle-High School students will present the musical "Jekyll and Hyde" at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, April 5 and 6, in the auditorium.

Tickets can be purchased in advance in the business office, by calling 648-5752, extension 4114, or at the door. All seats are $10.

The dramatic story, set in London in 1888, centers around Dr. Henry Jekyll. Jekyll believes there are both good and evil components to one's personality, and has developed a formula that can isolate one from the other, ultimately creating a society of "good." While his fiancé, Emma Carew, and good friend John Utterson are supportive of his endeavors, most others are not - including the board of governors at the local hospital, who deny him a human test subject. Realizing he is running out of options, Dr. Jekyll runs the experiment on himself.

Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan, and the evil personality of Edward Hyde emerges. As Hyde evolves and overtakes Jekyll, mysterious murders begin to occur throughout the city. To complicate matters, both Jekyll and Hyde are drawn to Lucy Harris, a bold yet vulnerable entertainer at a local club. Dr. Jekyll wages war on himself to overcome Hyde and restore order to his life, but his success remains to be seen.

Popular songs from the show include "This Is the Moment" and "Someone Like You."

The cast includes Paul Gurba (Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde), Corey Levi (John Utterson), Jill Britton (Emma Carew), Angela Kinder (Lucy Harris), Sir Danvers Carew (Anthony Anonia), Katie Augustitus, Richard Brown, Nick McWilliams, Graeme Shappell, Brady Haupt, Theo Deptula (Board of Governors), Cole Supsic (Poole), Molly Hasuga (Nellie) and Jackie Augustitus, Elizabeth Bednar, Stephanie Dressler, Heather Elliott, Tevin Gonzalez, Megan Goodrich, Abby Halderman, Ashley Keiser, Katie Madara, Leah Mirolli, Danielle Polidario, Sarah Purcell, Jessica Schleig, Jasmine Wagner and Jessica Wywadis (people of London).

The show is under the direction of Kevin Styer. Assistant director is Mary Anne Stump. Art director is Shawn McGugan. Technical director is Scott Anderson.