PAXINOS - The Shamokin Area High School Alumni Association met for its 131st annual reunion on Saturday at Masser's Banquet Hall.

President Joseph Bordell (Class of 1968) presented the Class of 2014 and welcomed them to the association. Daniel Delbaugh, senior class president, presented the 2014 class pennant to the association.

Entertainment for the more than 250 alumni, seniors, parents and friends was presented by the senior choral students under the direction of Mary Anne Brennan Stump (2000).

Susan Kropinski Haas (1975) presented a note received by Bill Korbich (1954) from a Curtis S. Campbell (1926) who is still living at the age of 106 in Bethel Park.

Mary Anne Pitorak Miller (1974), with the help of attending seniors for delivery of gifts, coordinated the prize drawings.

Sandra Dilliplane Rossnock (1992), vice president, recognized the various anniversary classes and, where applicable, their contributions to the education and general funds:

- 1944 Class - Seven members of this class attended the banquet and presented a check for $1,944.

- 1949 Class No attendees.

- 1954 Class - eight members attended and presented a check for $1,940.

- 1959 Class - Three members attended and presented a check for $1,959.

- 1969 Class - No members attended.

- 1974 Class - Four members attended, with John Clutcher presenting a token check of $19.74 to the education fund.

Several members have already contributed via a newsletter donation. A 40th year class reunion is scheduled for July 19, where they will be collecting a memorial contribution for their class advisor, Miss Eglanski. See the website for details.

- 1979 Class - Two members attended.

- 1984 Class - Two members attended.

- 1994 Class - No members attended.

- 1999 Class - No members attended.

- 2004 Class - No members attended.

- 2009 Class - No members attended.

- Class 1989 - One member present for the silver anniversary class.

- Class 1964 - Seven members attended for the golden anniversary class. Gail Delbaugh Mensch presented a check for $2,500.

- Class 1939 - One member was present for the diamond anniversary class.

- Class 1956 - Gave a contribution of $195.60 to the general fund.

Bordell asked to honor any "senior" alumni attending. Al Fecko from the Class of 1936 was recognized and spoke.

Gifts to the Golden Anniversary Class (1964) from the S.A.H.S. Alumni Association was presented by Irvin Liachowitz '42.

The distance award was presented by Sandra Dilliplane Rossnock '92. John A. "Jack" Brosious '45 won the award coming from California.

Liachowitz presented the Alumni Scholarship Awards. These are awards for four years. Sixty students took the test. Five awards are from the Coal Township Alumni Association (CT), while seven are from the Shamokin Area High School Alumni Association (SA).

Recipients, yearly award amount, college choice and their major emphasis are:

- 1st - Joseph S. Colangelo - CT - $3,000 - Bucknell University - mechanical engineering

- 2nd - Nathaniel T. Haggerty - SA - $2,900 - Bucknell University - mechanical engineering

- 3rd - Melissa D. Smallets - CT - $2,500 - West Chester University - nursing

- 4th - Skylar Hughes - SA - $2,400 - University of Maine - marine science

- 5th - Adam O. Richardson - SA - $2,100 - Mansfield University - psychology

- 6th - Helena A. Supsic - CT - $2,000 - King's College - physician assistant

- 7th - Kaitlyn M. Shultz - CT - $2,000 - Shippensburg University - mathematics

- 8th - Daniel Delbaugh - CT - $2,000 -Lock Haven University - sports administration

- 9th - Justin J. Forbes - SA - $1,900 - Misericordia University - physical therapy

- 10th - Victoria E. Snyder - SA - $1,700 - Luzerne County Community College - general education

- 11th - Corinne C. Weikel - SA - $1,400 - Susquehanna University - veterinary medicine

- 12th - Brendan C. Drachler - SA - $1,100 - Lycoming College - astrophysics

High School Principal Chris J. Venna gave a report on SAHS and included information on academics, athletics and the fine arts (music/art/drama). SAHS was awarded the bronze medal in Education this year by US News and World Report. The high school also received a national grant of over $1 million to upgrade their physical education program. They are one of only a few nationwide to receive this large a grant. Congratulations on a job well done by administration, teachers, students and parents.

Eugene Boughner '60 presented the following names for ratification to the education (scholarship) committee for a five-year period. Motion to approve by James Delbaugh '79 and Maxine Howerter Harvey '83. Charmaine Tetkoskie '82 (for unexpired term of Ron Chamberlain until 2016) Eugene Boughner '60, Irvin Liachowitz '42, Matthew Weller '91 (for Joan Eltringham) and Susan Kropinski Haas '75 presented the following names for ratification of officers nominated by the executive committee. They were approved with a motion by Nancy Osman Boughner '57 and John Klinger '68.

The names of the nominated officers are: Sandra Dilliplane Rossnock '92, president, Todd Nye '89 vice president, Jamie Hoffman Bordell '75 secretary, William Korbich '54 treasurer, Helen Jane Murphy '43 historian, Jeffrey Clutcher '78 registrar.

Outgoing alumni president Joseph Bordell '68, introduced the new officers and thanked the many committees and members for their help this past year. He also encouraged all alumni to become active with the alumni association by attending meetings, serving on committees and continue to financially support the general and educational funds. The senior class led the association in the singing of the alma mater. Ronald Weller '64 closed the business meeting with the benediction.

Afterglow entertainment was provided by the Vic Boris Trio. Refreshments were included. Musical chairs competition was won by Susan Kropinski Haas '75 - again.