SELINSGROVE - Two hours of searching turned up no clues that someone had fallen into the Susquehanna River Wednesday afternoon.

A Snyder County resident called 911 to report seeing someone walking on ice on the river near Hoover's Island, then lost sight of the person.

Rescue crews used hovercrafts on both sides of the river near Fisher's Ferry and south of Selinsgrove after being dispatched at 12:19 p.m.

Cpl. Brent Zechman of the state police barracks in Stonington said the caller, despite losing sight, could not say if the person had crashed through the ice or simply walked to land.

As a precaution, water rescue crews from Northumberland and Snyder counties were dispatched. One raft deployed from Routes 11 and 15 near Selinsgrove and the other on the opposite side to search near Fishers Ferry, a few miles north of Herndon.

Firefighters on scene said footprints were seen in the snow leading to the river and on the ice.

Zechman reported there was some ice breakage in the river, but it was not significant enough to suggest it's where someone had fallen in.

The search was called off and crews were called back into service at approximately 3 p.m.

Fire and water crews from Selinsgrove responded on the Snyder County side of the river, while water crews from the Rescue Fire Company and ambulances from the Americus Fire Company, both of Sunbury, responded on the eastern shore.