STRONG - A bizarre report of a naked woman pacing near the woods just off Route 54 on Saturday led authorities to search the area by land and air.

There was no sign of the woman during the three-hour search, which was called off just before 8 p.m. as nightfall approached. A follow-up search was expected to resume today.

According to Mount Carmel Township Patrolman David Stamets Jr., a female jogging along the Strong Connector, between Route 61 and the traffic light at Brennan's Farm Road, reportedly spotted the woman about 5 p.m. on the east side of the highway opposite the large body of water known as "the crater."

The woman was reportedly

pacing on an embankment just off the highway. That was the only instance where anyone reported having seen the woman. Details of a description were few outside of the person's gender and that she had long dark hair.

There were no reports of any missing persons.

Stamets agreed the incident was strange.

"It really wasn't known what she was doing," he said of the woman observed in the woods. "We don't even really know what the circumstances are.

"You don't get this call everyday."

Stamets said the witness was credible. He believed the witness called 9-1-1 before getting a ride from the scene. She returned shortly afterward to speak with police.

Police officers from neighboring departments along with medical and fire company personnel responded. The Strong Connector was temporarily closed at 6 p.m. while as many as 40 people searched the woods on foot and by vehicle. A state police helicopter responded to search by air.

A triangular wooded area between the village of Strong, the Viaduct in Mount Carmel and the village of Dooleyville was searched.