COAL TOWNSHIP - SCI Coal Township's Community Work Program will participate in the Great American Cleanup of PA by removing litter from local highways through May 4.

The Community Works Program engages inmates in work projects that benefit non-profit organizations, local communities and other state agencies, according to Superintendent Vincent Mooney.

The work crew is comprised of inmates who are supervised by a Department of Corrections staff member.

From July 1, 1995, through June 30, 2013, the program realized a cost reduction of $62 million to the community. The PennDOT litter pick up program puts inmates from 26 facilities to work. From July 2003 through June 2013, inmates have worked 1,259,186 hours removing litter from state highways.

During last year's Great American Cleanup, 6.1 million pounds of litter was collected from Pennsylvania's roads, trails and shorelines by more than 137,000 volunteers.

The 2014 Great American Cleanup of PA began March 1 and will end on May 31.