ELYSBURG - Southern Columbia Area High School students in the FBLA (Future Business Leader of America) club and marketing class got their 15 seconds of fame at Knoebels Amusement Resort Monday.

A film crew from "Content" used the 17 students to film a 15-second and a 10-second advertisement for the park's Flying Turns ride. The ad will be used on the Knoebels website and online broadcast as well as a pre-roll ad for videos on Youtube, according to Joe Muscato, Knoebels' director of public relations.

"Normally, we don't do this kind of thing during the school year, this is more of a July activity for us," Muscato said. "The students get to see an advertisement produced at the highest level and see what is all involved and how tedious it could be."

"We did a commercial in the beginning of the school year and this lets them see how what they learned can be used here and gives them a little bit of a different take on it," said Kristi Anderson, business education teacher at Southern Columbia Area.

"In marketing, they learned how to identify their target market and how to reach them," Anderson added. "It takes more than a couple of people, it takes a whole group. Even though it is a short clip, it takes a lot of work."

The students found that out when they did take after take just walking though the entrance of the ride for what will most likely be only a few seconds of footage.

"I think it is an awesome experience, especially for kids like me, who want to do stuff like this when we get older," senior Alex Cove said of the shoot. Cove works in the school's Tiger News Television production group. "It was a nice view into the future of what I want to do."

Junior Brad Noll was also among the students working on the commercial.

"It is interesting to see the behind-the-scenes work and how everything is set up and prepared and how long it actually takes to set up the cameras up and get the right angles," Noll said in between takes.