How the Southern Columbia School District balanced its budget

Original deficit: $1,015,791.

Curtailment of programs: Two faculty positions in music and one in family and consumer sciences eliminated; two retirees, a paraprofessional and a transitions employee retired and not replaced; high school English teacher retiring and not being replaced; middle school English teacher retiring and being replaced with existing staff; no longer adding a middle school math teacher. Total savings - $516,847 in salaries and benefits.

Reduction in the capital reserve transfer. Total savings - $25,000.

Reduction in the projected purchase of buses. Total savings - $87,500.

Proposed increase in state funding for student focus funding - $202,011.

Proposed increase in special education funding after state budget release - $15,793.

Reduction of the basic education subsidy after the state budget release - -$55,527.

PSERS exceptions approved. Total earnings - $126,861.

Title I and Title II federal funds adjusted to proposed actuals. Total additional earnings - $20,706.

Increase in proposed realty transfer taxes. Total earnings - $18,497.

Elimination of drivers' education behind the wheel expenses. Total savings - $9,000.

Administrators adjustments to budgets for supplies. Total savings - $40,000.

Other minor adjustments to expense accounts and other items. Total savings - $9,103.