It's a good thing that there is no time limit when it comes to following in someone's footsteps. I was a quarter century into a journalism career before I switched to teaching nearly two decades after my Dad Joe Kozlowski retired after 36 years in education.

While learning and teaching were the focus of his professional life, faith in God was at the core of Dad's life. He was a daily communicant at Mass until his final illness. He also went on a retreat to Malvern Retreat House for many years. My brother Phil often accompanied him to St. Joseph's-in-the-Hills.

Unfortunately, I didn't make my first retreat there until I was 57. I met Phil there Friday and in between services and conferences, we walked the same woodland paths past statues and shrines as Dad had done for so many years. Dad's faith was present in the chapel as well as the woods.

Dad's presence seemed even more tangible to Phil and me this year because Saturday, Nov. 17, was the 92nd anniversary of his birth.

My siblings and I are truly blessed to have a father - and mother - who walked in faith throughout their lives. When we follow in their footsteps, we are assured that we are heading toward God.


Only faith in God can lead us to a joyous eternity.