COAL TOWNSHIP - Shamokin Area Athletic Director Rick Kashner was authorized Thursday by members of the district's athletic committee to research options to implement a random drug testing policy for all students.

Kashner said North Schuylkill School District has a policy in place that Shamokin Area could use as a model. Athletic committee chairman Robert Getchey, members Charles Shuey, Jeff Kashner, Brian Persing and Bernie Sosnoskie, and Superintendent James Zack endorsed implementing such a policy.

In other committee business, Getchey recommended moving the high school wrestling matches from the Annex back to the high school gymnasium, primarily for parking purposes. None of the committee members opposed the suggestion, but said a decision must be made in the near future because schedules for next season need to be finalized.

Getchey complained about baseballs being used at clinics and other practices at the Annex. He said one window was accidentally broken and a door was damaged with a baseball.

"I don't think real baseballs should be used in a confined area like that," Getchey said. "Somebody is going to get their head knocked off."

Rick Kashner said softer balls in the shape of baseballs should be used in the gym and agreed to warn coaches and clinic coordinators about not using regular hard balls.

Committee members agreed to keep port-a-potties at the softball and baseball fields throughout the summer to accommodate walkers and others at a cost of approximately $500.

The committee agreed to establish limits on the use of vans and buses during the summer months by athletic teams.

Kashner informed the committee that approximately $2,500 was spent on the junior high baseball program this past season. He said the team, which is comprised of approximately 15 players, only plays games against two area squads (Mifflinburg and Shikellamy) and Milton Hershey.

The committee agreed to maintain all junior high sports and set starting times for junior high girls and junior high boys home basketball games at 5:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., respectively.

Getchey said he plans to resign as chairman of the athletic committee due to other commitments, but will remain as chairman of the building and grounds committee.

Building and grounds director Dave Petrovich outlined summer work projects in the district, including macadam repairs throughout the campus that are estimated at $100,000.

Petrovich said one of the priority projects is the high school heating/ventilation and air conditioning system. He said three compressors will be replaced while a new gasket will be installed on another compressor. Petrovich said there are a total of 33 compressors on the high school roof that operate the system.

He said roof work on the elementary school is scheduled to be completed by the end of July.

Petrovich said upgrades will be made to the fire alarm system at the elementary school.

Petrovich said the high school and Annex gym floors will be refinished at a cost of $8,500 between July 8 to 12 and will not be available until July 22.

He said approximately 10 teens chosen by the Pa. Career Link will be assisting maintenance personnel in the summer.

Getchey said two college students will be hired for the summer. He said only current college students or juniors and seniors at the high school are eligible for the work program.

Another notable summer project is the replacement of 306 seat backs in the high school auditorium. Getchey complained about various seats in the auditorium balcony being broken and recommended they be replaced by soft plastic instead of cushion seats.

Other summer projects include erecting a playground at the elementary school ($1,200), cutting down 14 dead pine trees on the campus, installing a rubber roof above lockers in the high school stadium ($3,100), roadway wiring ($2,100), a makeover of the nature trail ($1,800), installing accordion security gates at the high school, elementary school and Annex ($4,500) and re-upholstering a soft wall in the elementary school gym ($1,400).